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O programie ERASMUS+
Erasmus charter for higher education 2014-2020
Deklaracja Polityki Erasmusa+ we Wszechnicy Świętokrzyskiej na lata 2014-2020
Erasmus+ Policy Statement 2014-2020 The Holy Cross University
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Erasmus+ Policy Statement 2014-2020 the Holy Cross University

The Holy Cross University is a non-public higher education institution which offers bachelor and master degree courses.

Currently we are offering bachelor degree courses (majors: pedagogy, physical education and physiotherapy) and master degree courses (majors: pedagogy and physical education) in two faculties: Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy and Faculty of Physical Education and Tourism.

The educational offer of the Holy Cross University also includes post-graduate studies and supplementary courses and trainings which are related to bachelor and master degree courses our university offers.

Our mission is to train highly-qualified professional staff who, after studies, are employed by educational institutions, sport clubs, police, prison service, border guards or hospitals. Our graduates are creative and enterprising people who support local, Polish and international economy. More and more often they are finding jobs abroad and by means of their knowledge and skills they contribute to economic enrichment of other nations and countries.

Our university offers modern curriculum adjusted to changing labour market requirements. By providing high quality education accompanied with applicability, we are trying to create good conditions for developing modern staff who are able to face the challenges of rapidly changing reality.

One of the most important tasks of our university is shaping a spirit of tolerance of our community, which means respect to different views, ideologies, religions and being ready to fulfil duties in a pluralist civil society.

For the Holy Cross University participation in Erasmus+ programme means supporting and contributing to building the European Higher Education Area. The idea of Europeanism can be seen, for example, in the text of the oath which is taken by new students who will “as Poles and Europeans remember about their obligations towards the society and environment”. Our university collaborates both with the European Union members and non-EU members. Our university focuses on direct collaboration between faculties and academic teachers who have similar research and didactic interests. In order to achieve this aim, the Holy Cross University, under Erasmus+ programme, is going to concentrate on mobility of students and staff (both academic and administrative).

Factors which are taken into account when selecting foreign partners include common fields of study, similar objectives and research missions.

The Holy Cross University's partners come from various geographic and cultural environments. This provides better understanding of educational systems in Europe and their values. The university collaborates not only with institutions from neighbouring countries but also with those from more distant parts of Europe. This variety contributes to higher quality of curricula and promotes their development.

Our university provides equal rights to all students and staff regardless of their sex, race, religion, ethnic or social origin. Candidates are selected on the basis of their accomplishments and potential.

Erasmus+ coordinator helps people who want to participate in the programme to meet all formal requirements. Special information meetings are organised and Erasmus information materials are available at the university. The Holy Cross University appreciates the value of international contacts which bring mutual benefits. This is a simple and proven way to improve qualifications, establish academic contacts and improve language skills, which is important for personal development of our students, teachers and employees.

Studying or working abroad does not prolong the duration of studies at home university. This way students are offered bigger opportunities to gain additional qualifications which are highly valued on the labour market. Undertaking foreign internships by students gives their university an opportunity to collaborate with companies and other institutions (public and non-public schools, sport and leisure clubs and associations, sport and physical education administration bodies, hospitals or rehabilitation centres). Students are given an opportunity to learn professions in a practical way, whilst university courses offer them the necessary theoretical background. Many of them may find jobs this way. Internship time usually takes from a few up to a dozen or so weeks depending on the requirements specified by the university in the curriculum.

Employees of particular faculties and the university coordinator closely collaborate with representatives of partner institutions. They make sure if programme participants submit their reports which allow them to take grants from their home university. They are all supervised by a teacher or a mentor with whom they are in touch all the time. Reports of students who go abroad for a specified time are monitored. It helps to identify important problems. These activities will be continued and developed in the following years.

Possibility to take part in Erasmus+ programme makes the offer of our university more attractive. Participation in the programme gives our students an opportunity to study abroad. Students and academic teachers who participate in the programme may improve their foreign language skills, broaden their world views and general knowledge. Students who take part in foreign internships become more competitive on the labour market, which increases the prestige of our university.

The Holy Cross University helps to find accommodation for Erasmus students, academic teachers and administrative staff who come to us. Our university also settles formalities related to their stay in Poland, informs them about transport or insurance. Students (mentors) who are appointed by the Students' Association help our visitors to familiarise with our university, its facilities and the way our university works. They also assist them with practical organisation of their education path as well as during classes.

The university is also always happy to accept academic teachers from its European partner universities.

Thanks to participation in Erasmus+ programme, our university is also gaining experience in obtaining and settling EU funds. At the same time we are doing our best to financially support exchange of students and employees.

The Holy Cross University promotes mobility of both students and staff in order to facilitate global internationalisation. The university authorities appreciate the value of these activities and experience gained under these programmes.

Both student internships and mobility of academic staff will be promoted under international cooperation with partner universities in the future.

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